Wash Dry Fold

An individual will spend 3 to 5 hours weekly washing, drying and folding their laundry!

If your one of the many people who just hate this or just dont have the time bring it down and let us do it for you. We wash, dry and fold your clothes ready for you to put them away.

If you wish to get your laundry done please call us so we can arrange a time to meet and pick you laundry up.

 If you have anymore queries on how this works please call us on 0455186579

​​Self Service

Our large commercial grade speed queen washers are great and easy to use.  We have the largest range of washers available in Toowoomba, perfect for your large king size donnas and blankets right down to your regular home wash.

Our large industrial washing machines, technically known as washer extractors have an extra fast spin, so your clothes come out dryer which saves you money and time all round.

Most cycles take around 25-30 minutes and a typical load of washing takes around 35 minutes to dry.


Topload Washer                     1 Load

10kg Front load washer        2 loads

14kg Front load washer        3 loads

18kg Front load washer        4 loads

We have 6 large commercial dryers to get all those clothes dried super fast.

We also have a change machine at both stores for your convenience so you don't have to fill your pockets with change before you come!

Oops forgot your laundry powder, no problems we have a soap dispenser at both stores with softener also available at Wyalla Coinwash.